Sunday, September 21, 2014

Aloe Plant Could Be Good for Your Health

Aloe Vera,plant,herb

Aloe Grows Year Round in Okinawa



It doesn't take much of a green thumb to succeed in keeping this vegetation alive.

The photo was taken out behind my office and, we also grow the stuff at home.

It's great for treating cuts, bug bites or rashes and, I use it all the time.

Just hack off one of those stalks and, take as much gel from it as you need.

Then, wrap up the leftovers and keep them in the fridge for future use.

Some Folks Around Here Eat Aloe

It would probably be a good idea to wait and watch somebody else, eat it first.

Depending on the variety of plant, it may have you running to the toilet.

There are probably 500 different types of Aloe plant.

And, not all of them are safe to eat.

Occasionally, somebody comes around, offering aloe sashimi, to me when I'm at the bar.

Not feeling like taking any laxatives, I decline and keep drinking beer.

Aloe and White Grape Juice, Japan, Minute Maid, can

They have an Aloe and White Grape juice in the Coke machines and, I've tried some.

It's sort of sweet and pulpy but, safe to drink. 

For those who have access to Walmart, they have some Aloe products, you can buy.

How Stuff Works

In all my research, this must be the most comprehensive article on Aloe, I've ever seen.

For some strange reason, number 29, got written twice.

The editor should have caught that but, it gave me two good chuckles. 

So, I won't complain.

It was something about minor female problems.

That got me thinking. Maybe, I should rub some of the stuff on my wife.

And, she'd quit spending my money. Hah !

The New Healing Herbs ISBN 0-553-58514-2 is my favorite reference for these plants.

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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Surprise: Green Grass Lizards Aint Always All Green !

Dancing With Lizards



It would be easier to dance with a rare one than, try to get a good identification.

If you're tired of looking at lizard photos, don't feel bad.

I am, too.

GIF,lizard,nature,Takydromus smaragdinus

For those, interested in doing further research on these critters:

Japanese only: ISBN978-4-408-32351-0 page 58

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Green Grass Lizard Is What We'll Call It (GIF)

Outback Again Today



Aokanahebi(アオカナヘビ) is the Japanese name for this lizard.

Two sources helped me with the identification.

One, works at the Kin Town Office and, the other is a Park Ranger.

Takydromus smaragdinus, GIF

The weather was looking, sort of iffy so, I stayed close to the office today.

And, went out with the Pentax K3 and an 18-250mm lens.

When I called it a day, there were over 900 images of lizards in the camera.

Before, I officially,  declare this a Takydromus smaragdinus, I better check the books.

It's not wise, to put scientific names on critters and, be wrong.

So, whenever the little tropical storm were having, departs, I plan on going to the library.

Once, I confirm the name there, I may have another lizard to post here.

It's a different color but, could be a Green Grass Lizard, too.

Holy leapin' lizards, Batman. 

There may be an endangered species, living out there behind my office !

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Then and Now (Photos) Oku Village in Northern Okinawa, Japan

1953 black and white photo of Oku Village,river,mountains

Credit for the use of this photo goes to the Oku Yanbaru no Sato Staff.

It was discovered in, what they call, the Exhibition Hall.

Most English speaking folks would consider the place to be a museum.

That's because it's full of artifacts, related to the history and culture of the village.

The framed, black and white image, shows how things looked in 1953.

Oku Village,river, JUN 2014,mountains

The color photo was taken June 26, 2014.

Things have changed a lot, over the years but, the mountain peaks, remain the same.

We owe thanks to several folks, in the neighborhood, for the assistance they gave us.

Finding the spot, the original photo was taken from, can be a real challenge.

Sometimes, only people, way senior to me can point you in the right directions.

It's a blast, doing these Then and Now photos and, I always have a pile of them pending.

Standby for more, in the future.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Some of the Activity at a 97th Birthday Party in Okinawa

4 Motion GIFs of Events at a Kajimaya



In the Ryukyu Archipeligo a Kajimaya is a big deal.

Today, I got to attend one because one of my neighbors, attained the age of ninety-seven.

We had a little parade in the streets but, I haven't looked at those photos, yet.

For now, we'll just look at what took place at the party indoors.

young dancers,GIF,Okinawan celebration, Kajimaya
The younger generation entertains the crowd with some sort of hilarious dance.

kimonos, classical dance, young ladies

A bit more formal, were these gals, dancing with silver and gold fans.

Hula dancers

Everybody likes watching Hula dancers so, we had some of them, too.

kimono-clad woman,dancing with an umbrella
 Now, I'm not sure if you should call that blue thing a parasol or, umbrella.

But, the gal in the blue kimono sure knows how to dance with it.

After a few hours of celebrating, the birthday girl got tired.

And, she had somebody take her home so, she could go to sleep in her own bed.

And, that's what they did.

Man, I can hardly wait to turn ninety-seven !

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