Thursday, August 21, 2014

Some Days a Sign and a Curtain Are All You Need

man and woman,Okinawa farmers,sign

Bankers hours, you could call it.

Today, we hit the west coast, east coast and middle of the island.

Back at the office, I downloaded 162 images.

There were birds, outer islands, tourists and food photos in the collection.

kitchen curtain, Okinawan woman

A simple kitchen curtain and sign at a restaurant, turned out to be my favorite photos.

It wasn't until, I read the EXIF data that it dawned on me.

We did all our photography between the hours of 9 and 3.

Those could bankers hours.

Sounds like a plan, to me !

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Motion GIFs of Okinawa's Engineers at Work


They are out there, everyday.

Usually, under the hot sun.  Sometimes, in the rain.

backhoe digging,traffic

The equipment they use, is noisy but, it gets the job done.

equipment, manual labor

It can be dusty, dirty, dangerous work and, some of it has to be done by hand.

The scent of diesel fumes, mixes in with the fresh air.

hosing down the dust, construction

At the end of each workday, they make the sidewalks passable.

And, hose down the dust, created from the digging.

Hats off, to these hard working engineers !

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Don't Let the Huntsman Spider (Heteropoda venatoria) Scare You

Heteropoda venatoria,Huntsman spider

Harmless to Humans



It's one of the few spiders found in Okinawa that doesn't spin webs.

If you spot one around your house, consider yourself lucky.

They eat cockroaches.


This rascal was spotted out by the back door to my office, today.

Hopefully, it's guarding the place so, no bugs can get in.

Huntsman spider, outdoors

Luckily, I had time to grab a camera and flash to capture it for you.

Brown Huntsman spider

If my wife or, the gals next door see this spider, it's a goner.

They squish or, spray the poor things, like they are some sort of natural enemy.

spider, flip-flop,scale

This one is probably only half grown.

There's one of my flip-flops, to give a sense of scale.

When, they grow up, they can be as large as a human's hand.

What would you rather have, one of these or, 100 cockroaches in your house ?


 Plus, a YouTube Video:

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Monday, August 18, 2014

3 Minutes of Blue Skies Shining on Me


Not especially high tech, at computer stuff, I tried something new today.

There was a huge (6000x4000 pixel) photo of a bridge in blue skies, I was saving.

It had a speck of dust, up in this blue portion of sky.

There are all sorts of Adobe programs that can be used to remove dust.

And, I own a bunch of them but, never tried dust removal on any of my photos.

Dust on a camera sensor or, a spot on a lens, shouldn't be there, in the first place.

So, whenever, I see a spot on one of my images, I just throw it away.

And, go figure out where it came from.  Then, fix the problem.

This Was a Special Photo




It was high time, I taught my self, how to do digital spot removal.

So, I did some online research and read my Dummies book.

Then, opened the photo with my Adobe Elements.

Thinking, I knew what I was doing, removing the dust, here's what happened:

The bridge disappeared along with the dust !

Everything (eventually) turned out alright and I gotterdun.

But, can't show you the image, just yet, because it's going to be in a contest.

Anyhow, the incident reminded me of this tune.

There's no sense, letting some good old blue skies go to waste.

Enjoy the Willie Nelson song and music. 

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Travel Photo: Sushi Bar

sushi bar, sake,counter,chairs

Location: Kin Town, Okinawa, Japan

Camera: Pentax K3

Lens: Sigma 10-20 at 13mm

Exposure: f/16  3sec   ISO 100

This photo was taken about an hour before opening time.

Once the doors open for business hours, the counter fills up quickly with customers.

Last week, after shooting photos at a restaurant, I stopped here on the way back to the office.

And, managed to weasel my way in for a few minutes.

Now, I'm thinking, I should go back without any cameras and grab a chair.

Looking at that big bottle of sake, got me thinking.

Maybe, I should give some a try with my dinner.

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