Thursday, November 20, 2014

It Looked Like a Ladybug Convention Out There

All Sorts of Shapes and Sizes



Some of the black and orange insects, you'd need a magnifying glass to see.

Quickly, I grabbed a camera, tripod and some white background material.

Then, I propped it up and started shooting, to create this GIF.


Bugs, popped in and out of the scene and put on quite a show.

After awhile, some of them started acting unladylike so, I packed up and went home.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Chasing the Sacred Trees of Okinawa and Tracing the Roots

Another Great Find Today



It would be nice, to make a new discovery each week.

There's a list containing over 100 locations, I'm using, to document them.

Finding special trees is one thing, photographing them in good light, is another.

Great Akagi (Bishop Wood) of Kinjo in Shuri



Latin Name: Bischofia javanica


These huge trees are located off the cobblestone trail leading to Shuri Castle.

Not just one but, six of them, are in this jungle-like, sacred grove.

During the Battle of Okinawa, all the Akagi trees within Shuri Castle, were destroyed.

Those, located in this Ugan (place of worship) survived the war.

People come to pray and make offerings.

Only one tree, has a golden statue in a hollowed portion at the base of the trunk.

This tree is a National Natural Monument.

Standing below and, looking up, I shot the top of the tree.

Next time, I'll bring a wide angle lens, to photograph the entire tree for my collection.

Meanwhile, check this video out:

Digging Up the Historical and Cultural Facts 



When I research these types of things, I check as many resources, as possible.

Talking to neighboors, town drunks or, what I call sundials, is fun, sometimes.

But, I was trained, to give people, verifiable facts.

These trees, are going to take awhile.

Here's why:

GUIDEGECKO,  mentions there are ghosts in the vicinity.

MIDORIHANA, has some legend, "Demon's Rice Cake" about the place.

OKINAWA CLIP, Says the place is mystical and, you should make wishes there.

OKINAWA TRAVELER, Lists a phone number and gives a map.

They only show a photo of one tree.

 If you call, will it answer ?

 I wonder.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Travel Photo: ANA Flight Landing in Naha

 Images in the GIF: A Total of Seven



Planes, landing at Naha International Airport fly over Senagajima.

The skies were just right for taking these shots.

A tripod, Pentax K5 and 18-250 lens at 50mm, did the trick.

Waiting for the flight, to get close enough, I fired away using the burst mode.

Exposure: f/11   1/800   ISO 100

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Some Folks Travel by Rail -- I Should Give it a Try

It's a Sort of Train in Naha Okinawa



That thing has been around for over 20 years and, I haven't tried it, yet !

It's not exactly, one of those bullet train things the mainland people ride.

But, I suppose, it beats walking or, taking a taxi.

2 car monorail, GIF

The last time, I visited the big city, I saw the thing coming.

Waiting around outside a hotel, I got bored and, started looking for something to shoot.

There were no critters moving around so, I waited for the next train.

It's called a monorail.  I don't know if it really qualifies as a full fledged train.

Remember when trains had a locomotive and a caboose ?

Well, that's what you see here, without all the extra stuff.

The front car has 65 seats and, so does the back one. Plus, they have standing room.

So, there could be as many as 165 passengers up there.

 It got me wondering if, they have a slow season for train rides.

Maybe, a bunch of us could buy tickets at a discount price.

And, take our cameras on a train tour !


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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Six Images of the Grey Heron in Flight

bird, flight, Grey Heron

This afternoon, I went for a walk with the Pentax K3 and a 300mm lens.

grey heron, flying

The Kin Dam, is a good location to find these birds.

Grey Heron, wings up, legs down

Standing at the top of the dam, I adjusted my exposure for the green background.

Grey Heron, wings down

When the heron, came along, I was ready.

Flying Grey Heron

All I had to do was hold the shutter button down and pan the camera.

Use of a tripod, steadied my shots.

flying grey heron

Grey Herons, in flight, show some terrific colors.

When they aren't flying, they can sit in one spot for hours.

The Latin name for these birds is Ardea cinerea.

In Japan, it would be Ao-sagi, which translates roughly as Blue Egret.

This one made my day.

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