Friday, October 24, 2014

Wildlife Photo: Buzzard Eagle in Flight

bird, Butastur indicus,flying

The Grey-faced Buzzard Eagles have returned to Okinawa.

They are migratory visitors from northern climates.

Normally, these birds arrive around November and depart in the month of March.

They feed on mice, rats and snakes but, I'd love to see one grab a mongoose.

Photo taken with a Pentax K3 and 18-250 lens at a focal length of 250mm.

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Common Map Butterfly in Motion

Cyrestis thyodamas



Testing the Pentax DA300mmF4 lens a photo series of this butterfly was taken today.

The butterfly is called a Common Map Butterfly.

They have some raggedy looking wings and, don't usually stay still for very long.

The weather was so nice, in Okinawa today, I had to get out and do some shooting.

So, I grabbed the Pentax K3 and a tripod and walked around Kin Dam.

These photos were taken a f/11  1/400   ISO 100.

It was so much fun, chasing critters, I didn't get back until sunset.

Eagles, hawks, ducks and herons, were just part of the photographic captures, today.

It may take a week to get all the photos processed.

And, another week, to identify some of the new wildlife, I discovered.

Maybe, I should get some interns to do all this office stuff.

Because, if the sun keeps shining, like it did today, I'm outta here !

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Another Dam Bird GIF and Calculator Soup for the Soul

Ryukyu Life Passed the 100,000 Goal



First, we'll get this Dam Bird out of the way.

This morning, I woke up about three hours later than, I normally do on a shooting day.

Luckily, Doc Graff, showed up at the house with some iced coffee for me.

And, off we headed to get my cameras. He was driving while, I was drinking.

bird, gray heron,GIF

This Grey Heron was below the spillway of the dam in Yomitan.

Shooting birds in flight is what I would rather be doing.

But, the weather was starting to look grim so, we had to get moving along.

My head was still hurting from a party, the night before.

The fresh air, a few bird photos and, traveling around the island, did me some good.

Back in the office, I was processing photos on one computer.

At the same time, I began my usual routine, on the Apple desktop thingy.

Emails, Tweets, Facebook stuff, you know, all that administrative junk, everybody does.

screenshot, Alexa rating

It took a few months to get Ryukyu Life to hit this number.

That's a screenshot from Alexa, taken today.

It's a handy tool, you can use, to evaluate a website's popularity.

There are about 30,000,000 websites in the world.

Some people are happy to have their sites in the top 20 percent.

July 2014, screenshot, Alexa

Back in July, we changed the name of Mike's Ryukyu Gallery to Ryukyu Life.

When, I took this screenshot the global ranking was 2,350,514.

It seemed like forever but, finally we crawled into the top 100,000 position.

What's Calculator Soup All About ?



Well, there's all kinds of things you can do with it.

When I was a youngster, I did all my math calculations the hard way.

Percentages, is what I was looking for, to evaluate my website's progress.

You shouldn't be looking around for pencils and paper, when you have a hangover.

So, I found this handy Calculator Soup website to do the math for me.

Assuming the world stays at 30,000,000 websites, here are some interesting numbers:

To be in the top rankings, here are some reference points to look at:

20%   --   600,000

10%   --   300,000

5%   ---   150,000

4%   ---   120,000

3%   ----   90,000

2%   ----   60,000

1%   ----   30,000

The Calculator Soup is something I will bookmark for future reference.

There used to be only 1,000,000 websites when I first started watching this internet thing.

So, the numbers needed to stay competitive, will always change.

Competition is tough but, I like a good challenge.

But, I don't like running around, looking for pencils and paper with a hangover.

It's time to celebrate, busting the 100,000 mark.

And, get busy, reaching the 3% goal.

So, we can celebrate some more !

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Wildlife Photos: Northern Shoveler Ducks

They Have Returned to Okinawa



Today, I went out for a walk with the Pentax 300mm lens.

It was a bit of a surprise when these birds flew over but, good practice for shooting.

3 ducks in flight

Now that I know where they hangout, I'll go back again, someday.

And, see if I can shoot the whole herd.

duck in flight, Anas clypeata

There must have been 40 or 50 of them in the fields bordering Kin Town.

That's a good reason for me to get out of the office for a few days.

It's a long walk to the wetlands but, at least the wife can't find me when I'm there !

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Flower Photo: Fringed Hibiscus

Hibiscus schizopetalus

These delicate flowers were blooming in many locations, before the last typhoon.

One day, as the wind started picking up, I went out and rescued this one.

A black background was utilized to make the colors pop, for you.

Indoors, using available light, I shot it without any wind interference.

The flower is also known as Spider Hibiscus, Coral Hibiscus or, Japanese Lantern.

I sort of like the Latin name: Hibiscus schizopetalus

They seem to have all blown away during the last typhoon.

My guess, is that they are really hardy plants and will spring to life again soon.

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