Monday, April 2, 2012

Wildlife Photo: The Chinese Bulbul with a Sigma 50-500mm Lens

Here is a practice shot taken with the Sigma 50-500mm lens at 500mm.

The Chinese Bulbul ( Pycnonotus sinensis ) is a bird I've posted here before.

This shot was taken en route to the Okukubi River in Okinawa, Japan.

That's got to be my favorite spot for Photographing waterbirds, because I can walk to the place.

That Sigma lens gets fairly heavy when you're out for a few hours so, I haul it in my backpack.

The Pentax gets an 18-250mm lens until I get near my shooting destination.

While hiking, the camera is in a holster and I can grab it in a split second if needed.

As soon as I'm within a few minutes walk of the river, out comes the big Sigma.

I stretch that lens out as far as it will go just to take some practice shots.

This was my first photo taken on March 29, 2012 and there are a few hundred more waiting.

This week I'll just be doing some quick blog posts because I'm using one of those WiFi spots.

There's a bunch of giggling, yapping high school girls in here.

They make more noise than a whole flock of those noisy Chinese Bulbuls so, I'm outta here !

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